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Greenpoint Renovation: Call it the Sub-Zero Building?

Comes word via an angry blogger of an "ugly ass" renovation in Greenpoint, a structure pictured to the right that we are calling the "Sub-Zero Building" as it bears a striking resemblance to everyone's favorite high-end stainless steel fridge. (You might want to bring along your shades if you go to Green Street to check it out.) Writes the blogger:

This isn’t a house, it’s a fucking fortification—which may not be such a bad idea given that some neighborhood (wannabe) toughs hurled an object in my direction as I gawked at this atrocity. Frankly, it makes me want to hurl something at (or my dinner on) it too.The entry comes from the Greenpoint Dog Log Blog, which is dedicated to what man's best friend leaves behind on the sidewalks of Greenpoint and people who do not, um, curb their dogs and clean up after them. Features include the "Dung of the Day." Promised in the future: a "Crap Map." We can't wait.
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