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Upper East Side Land War Throwdown!

Feuding neighbors are a fact of life all over NYC, but there's just something about the Upper East Side that brings out the bitch in everyone. Two reports of new UES land feuds prompt this important Curbed inquiry that seeks to answer the question, who's the bigger idiot?

FEUD #1: Bridget O'Brian and Barnett J. Brimberg vs. their fancy new neighbors, the O'Maras
The Beef: The new neighbors started construction on a "multistory cinderblock wall" (part of a $4.5 million kitchen/gym expansion) that cuts the Brimberg garden off from its previous views of the O'Mara garden. (NYT illustration, above)
The Skinny: "In a city in which it is far from unheard of for neighbors to wall off neighbors' side windows, block their sunlight, obstruct their views, where are the limits?" Ahahahahah [wiping tears from eyes] ahhhhhha!
Idiocy Rating: High.
· No Garden, Just a Wall [NYTimes]

FEUD #2: Most everyone on East 63rd Street. Centered on Oleg Cassini's widow, who's suing a synagogue to one side of her, and Neil Diamond, who's suing her on the other side.
The Beef: Cassini's widow says synagogue renovations damaged her five-story brownstone, while Diamond's pissed that she's installing massive air-conditioning units on the roof, spoiling his "tranquility" (NYPost photo, left)
The Skinny: "Want to live on East 63rd Street? Bring your lawyer." (We've retained Skadden, btw.)
Idiocy Rating: Astronomical. Actually, we're sorry we even started writing this throwdown comparison. Readers equally aggrieved can, uh, speak with our lawyers.
· Stret Fight Breaks Out [NYPost]
· Diamond Sues Castini Widow [amNY]