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Brokerage Battle Gets Catty

Is it just us, or is Corcoran Sunshine dropping the ball lately? First they were handling the marketing of the Cipriani Club Residences (top left), but the best they could do was scaring the bejeesus out of us with misplaced Campbells and Giuseppes. Pretty soon Steven Witkoff was paying $500,000 not to work with them, instead running into the arms of Prudential Douglas Elliman, which immediately led to a Sunday Times puff piece. Hmm.

Now, the Times' William Neuman reports that it happened again. CorcoSun was the exclusive marketing agent for the fantabulous Tribeca Summit project (top right), with the key word being "was." PruDoug took it over this month, but the circumstances may be different this time around. Corcoran boss Pam Liebman said the contract with the Summit folks expired, and she didn't want to keep working with them. Then she fired off this backhanded slap re: Elliman: "For certain firms looking to build a large book of new development business, they can be less choosy about the projects they take on," to which Elliman chairman Howard Lorber shot back, "They're in a defensive mode, trying to hold on to what they have." Me-ow!
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