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It Happened One Weekend: Join the Club!

1) Finally, some details on the "Club" in the Cipriani Club Residences: "You can have breakfast every morning, and it's not only continental breakfast but things like eggs and bacon." Library, screening room, spa, business lounge, sommelier, hair salon and barber shop (men get free shaves, women free "mini-facials"), wine and cheese events and access to the patio and ballroom. Residents get two years free, then it's $5,000/year. And did we mention the slippers? Take that, Shvookies! [Window Shopping/Suzanne Slesin]
2) Remember that rental building between Avenue A and B that people kept making fun of because they're asking for $2,500+ for a one-bedroom and $5,000+ for a two-bedroom? Yeah, they've only rented 15 of 47 units, but that's because they're being "picky." Um-hm. [East Lease/Dakota Smith]
3) Rising rents in the city's suburbs are forcing people to move to areas where their work commutes become longer than two hours. This'll sound ridiculous, but think about it: With all that money spent on gas, why not just get together with some co-workers and rent a helicopter? Satisfy your inner Diddy, we say. [Bigger Houses, Longer Commutes/Elsa Brenner]
4) In kind of an awesome move, Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne bought an apartment in West 57th Street's The Osborne partially because?well, you know. [Habitats/Joanne Kaufman]
5) How low is the Bronx's stock? So low that in this week's Hunt, even someone from Staten Island nearly refuses to look at homes there. Of course the couple?who met through the Times' personal ads?end up living there, though. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]