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Know Your Starchitect Quotes: NYT Mag Edition

Didn't get a chance to read the Times Magazine's architecture issue this weekend? Let the big boys show you the way: Match the quotations to the architects, then link through to the articles for beaucoup wisdom. Cheaper than actually commissioning any of 'em!

1) "It is a piazza. The people will come, there will be discourse."
2) "My architecture tends to be legible, light and flexible. You can read it. You look at a building, and you can see how it is constructed. I put the structure outside."
3) "Everyone is encouraged to do their most stupid and extravagant designs there. They don't have as much of a barrier between good taste and bad taste, between the minimal and expressive."
4) "I love my chaise longue, which was designed by the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. It is positioned so that I can see the Woolworth Building on the diagonal. It's like modernity nirvana."
5) "The sun rises on the mesa from underneath you and the place glows with a gentle orange light that softly wakes you up."
6) "I'm not moralistic. My designs are about joy. I'm very touched when I leave at 7 in the morning and see life coming out of that hole."

a) Jacques Herzog (pictured above, at right, with Pierre de Meuron)
b) Richards Rogers
c) Daniel Libeskind
d) Bernard Khoury
e) Steven Holl
f) Renzo Piano

BONUS: Norman Oder of Atlantic Yards Report 'sketches' out his take on the new Frank Gehry documentary: "Fiddling with some sketches, Gehry at one point says delightedly, 'That’s so stupid-looking, it’s great,' and lets out a wordless cry of glee."