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Fulton Street Transit Hub Update: Screw Cutesy

Even as photoblogger Will Femia catches plywood arriving at the Corbin Building at 11 John Street (above)—a sign of the construction work that will merge the building into the new Fulton Transit Hub—word breaks that the MTA is further scaling back plans for the project because of cost overruns. Per the Daily News:

MTA board member Barry Feinstein said he wasn't concerned about aesthetics as long as the transportation network downtown improved. "The cutesy stuff - the beautiful stuff - I have no interest in that if we don't have enough money to do the job," Feinstein said. "I don't care about a pretty building. I just don't care."
Initial project cutbacks last year reduced the signature dome; whether any architectural flourishes remain, remains to be seen. Project completion now slated for June 2009, né December 2007.
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BONUS: Our brethren at The Gutter beat us to this one: "And there, somewhere, at once close by and far away, Architecture sighs, and dies. Again."