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Details Leak on Bruce & Frank's Downtown Tower

Of all the new downtown towers that may or may not ever get built (above), by far the most mysterious is developer Bruce Ratner's Beekman Street project, architected by none other than Frank Gehry. Though the project was announced years ago, renderings of the tower have yet to be publicly released (though Kurt Andersen got a secret peek last fall, calling it "conservative... radical") and even the stalwarts on discussion board Wired New York had begun to wonder if this thing was ever going to break ground. Comes the Post's Lois Weiss today with the first hard news on the project in months. Among her findings:

1) "The tower's just-revealed 876-foot height will top off as the tallest City Hall area structure - yes, taller than the nearby venerable 792-foot Woolworth Building. Nevertheless, despite earlier reports, it will be shorter than all the new buildings at ground zero."
2) "Plans just refiled with the Dept. of Buildings call for a 75-story building with residences above a new public school whose funding has been in doubt... Although no renderings have been released, it is likely that the top will taper gradually and that, unlike the uptown Trump World Tower, the upper floors won't be the same size as the lower ones. "
3) "The most intriguing nugget is a triplex unit at the top that will become one of the highest residences in the city. While it will share part of the 72nd floor with two other units, it will encompass the entire 73rd and 74th floors as well."
4) "For all you development junkies out there, you can follow its progress on the DOB Web site with an 8 Spruce St. address." [Anyone have better luck with this than we did?]

And, from Wired New York, one poster offers this rumor: "We at 140 Nassau have heard most recently that work on the Beekman tower is to begin in July, 2006. Somehow, the date has been moved back about two months every two months or so since last October." Grain of salt, etc.
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