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Fatness Machine Rolls into Boerum Hill

Though some see a Brooklyn Civil War developing between the north and the south regions of the burgh, the real battle remains on Smith Street. At one end, Boerum Hill and its one-star Michelin restaurant Saul. At the other end, Carroll Gardens, home to the homey Frankie's 457.

Back in February, Carroll Gardens snagged the upper hand with the addition of a much sought-after Dunkin' Donuts to the neighborhood retail landscape. Today, A Brooklyn Life notes that Boerum Hill is not taking that development sitting down. On the corner of Smith Street and Bergen, she spots a certain something inside a store undergoing renovation: "I've enlarged the photo to show what appears to be the Dunkin' Donuts steaming coffee cup logo inside (above). Is Boerum Hill copying its Carroll Gardens neighbors with a DD?"
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