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55 Berry, Meet 125 North 10th

The lone commenter on yesterday's 55 Berry post said it all. The neighbor-to-be of Williamsburg's favorite red-headed stepchild is going to be a classic design by our old friends at Scarano Architects, six levels plus a quote-unquote mezzanine. A visit to Scarano's infuriating "audio rollover" website reveals more info on 125 North 10th Street, setting it all up with a delicious introduction claiming that the waterfront rezoning turned Williamsburg into "fodder for the planner's dreams." Here are the deets:

125 North 10th is actually two distinct residential buildings, built on a through lot running between North 10th and North 11th Streets, off Berry. Earmarked for a zoning change, planning began immediately upon contract signing. Built using traditional and modern materials, the facades of the buildings represent a modern, clean style - typical of our firm's work. Following the Quality Housing Zoning Restriction, the building height was limited, while additional floor area made the building approximately 15% larger. Apartment sizes and styles are varied for greater appeal in the market. Providing over 50% of the apartments with parking, a fitness center, laundry, storage and electronic amenities proved a winning combination for sales.

We're curious to see which building will sell out first, even though 55 Berry had more than a 12-month head start.
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