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Koons' Exuberance and Fiterman's Shroud

So you missed the kickoff concert yesterday. Don't worry: a trip to Larry Silverstein's 7 World Trade Center now offers the reward of this new Jeff Koons sculpture, captured by plemljr in the Curbed Photo Pool. But the background of the photo catches something David Dunlap noticed, too: "With its shattered walls and missing windows, its emptied floors behind shroudlike nets, the 15-story Fiterman Hall played silent counterpoint — like the unwanted party guest that everyone notices but no one acknowledges — to the candy-apple exuberance of a plump Jeff Koons sculpture."
· Luster of 7 WTC Has Tattered Reminder of 9/11 [NYTimes]
· 7 WTC Fountain [Flickr/plemljr]