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Sales Technique of the Week: Penthouse Duplex in "Raunchy & Congested" Neighborhood

A reader drew our attention to this interesting bit of salesmanship that hypes a $1.2 million penthouse duplex with an outdoor terrace by dumping on its location in Little Chitaly. The Hester Gardens listing, titled "Truly Unique & Magnificent!" reads:

Newly constructed condo on the Chinatown/Little Italy border! If somone were to ask me how to double or triple your money in 3-5 years, I'd say, 'Buy this apartment!' Sure, the neighborhood is raunchy & congested, but it'll be the next area to explode financially! 24-foot hallway on upper floor; 18-foot ceilings; 18-foot high windowed wall; granite top-of-the-line kitchen; Italian marble baths!...Would easily cost $3M in midtown, Soho or Tribeca!Interesting to see how they'd try marketing a luxe apartment in, say, Bushwick East Williamsburg or elsewhere. Sure, it's a little Punk Rock and the rats are as big as Pugs, but the area is the next big thing....
· New PH Duplex w/347SF Terrace [Bellmarc]
· Hester Gardens Update ... [Curbed] UPDATE: Looks like the listing's already down. Here it is in cache.