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Downtown Fully Healed: New Starbucks Opens

Now that things are chugging along with that whole World Trade Center redevelopment thing (right??), all the laborers coming in to build the strong and shiny and rolled and sculpted buildings are going to need a place to refuel. Hence, the most important NoBatt moment of the week: the Starbucks opening at Carlisle and Washington. Tipster Brian Van was less than impressed with the new neighborhood hangout:

Okay, so it looks nice. And the staff was super friendly, because it was all their first day of work (not jaded yet) in a location where there's not a lot of foot traffic (so the day goes by quietly). So what could be the problem? Well, maybe the view isn't so scenic. You know, with the giant construction pit across the street. And the bulldozer parked in front. Oh, and a block down is a gigantic 40-story tower of toxic death being gruesomely dismantled under a black shroud. (if that's not enough, the catecorner concrete parking garage is rumored to be razed and turned into a new tower of... um, take a wild guess... at some point in the next couple of years. So more heavy construction to come) Can we put a Deathwatch on a coffee shop?

Silly boy, of course not. We all know that if the coffee don't sell, the Rolling Stones CDs and shoddy ceramics most certainly will. Pic of said bulldozer from inside Le Bucks after the jump.

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