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Schrager Hotel Wrap: It's a Go in Soho

1) Ian Schrager will not be stopped. With his Gramercy Park Reno nearing completion, he's decided to team with Aby Rosen on a new Soho hotel at 350 West Broadway between Broome and Grand. Lois Weiss reports that they bought the site for $25 million last week. [NYPost, last item]

2) Another update on the Gramercy Park Hotel key scandal: "A hotel spokeswoman said there will be plenty of keys available to check out through the hotel's conceirge; no waiting list wil be needed because they expect to have enough keys to keep everyone happy all the time." [NewYorkology]
3) Let's hear from the man himself. "It's over for design hotels," Schrager tells Business Week. "What once was the exception is now the general rule. It doesn't interest me anymore. I have taken it as far as it can go. This for me is a new beginning. I’m trying to change the game again." What does this mean for guests at the new hotel? "Picture flowers plopped into water pitchers set before a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat." Yummy. [Business Week]