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Scratching That Logan's Run Itch at 7WTC

[Photo of Jeff Koons' Balloon Flower (Red) via plemeljr at Flickr]

Blogger Miss Representation rises from a month-long hibernation to take the full measure of 7 World Trade and its "avant garde" accessories:

The building itself actually isn’t that bad, even with its stainless prophylactic base. That is mostly because the Bank of NY trust facility and RR Donnelly, two of the best examples of Tysons Corner-quality architecture in the city, are the immediate context. Every once in a while I want to feel the strange mixture of dystopian social evolution and sexual awakening that was Logan’s Run, and now I have a place to goToo bad it wasn't one of the... [Miss Representation]
· Koons' Exuberance and Fiterman's Shroud [Curbed] BONUS: Cozy up to Koons for as little as $50 a square foot. Lease now! Only 35 more floors available. [Silverstein Properties]