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Gowanus: Officially Hip and Taking Reservations

Toxic is the new hip! Maybe you noticed today's Post story declaring Gowanus “the next hipster haunt”? We go to the copy and paste:

Though it sounds ripe for a joke (and smells ripe, too), the Gowanus Canal is the next frontier of gentrification - a place where the displaced artists and musicians of Williamsburg and DUMBO already are taking refuge in the refuse...Big developers are poised to change the landscape from a foul-water wasteland into a sea of high-cost residential housing…Developers Leviev Boymelgreen, who has ground-breaking plans for a 450-unit Gowanus Village, and the Toll Brothers, luxury home builders from Horsham, Pa., already have acquired blocks of property along the canal. Whole Foods is expanding to the neighborhood, although construction on its Third Avenue site has been delayed due to the area's toxicity.Speaking of Gowanus Rising, the Holiday Inn Express in Gowanus on Union Street, between Fourth and Third Avenues, is taking reservations for stays starting July 15. Apparently, Holiday Inn isn't hip to Gowanus hipness, though. (We're confident Ian Schrager would get it, though.) The new hotel is alternately described as the Brooklyn Holiday Inn Express or as being in Park Slope. Some of the 115 rooms on the upper of the 9 floors are said to offer panoramic vistas of Gowanus. Romantic Brooklyn waterside summer weekend getaway, anyone?
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