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Packing 'em in on Murray Street

You recall the switcheroo over on Murray Street in Tribeca, right? When Elliman's 53 Murray Lofts suddenly became Shvo's, um, MANSIONS ON MURRAY (a name like that requires capitalization). Well, the eventual buyer of the $4 million duplex is going to have some cozy company up there, as a rooftop addition is under construction at the building next door. A very snug rooftop addition, by the looks of it. Let's just say it's going to be hard to keep secrets if you're living in one of these places. As our wacky uncle used to say, "Not only can he tell if I'm circumcised, he can tell who performed the procedure!" OK, now we're just filling space so the text reaches the bottom of the picture so it doesn't look all messed up.
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