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Gehry's Beekman Tower Update: 'Sort of Baroque'

When we revealed the renderings for Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower in downtown Manhattan (above center, with other Gehry friends courtesy NoLandGrab) earlier this week, we acknowledged that they were from fall 2004 and probably had evolved since. A secret Curbed correspondent with, ahem, access takes it from there: "I've seen new renderings of the Beekman, and the scale seems right (the overall form of the building in the renderings on Curbed conforms to what I saw), but the images you posted don't compare to the renderings I've seen. What you're showing looks like a skeleton without its skin. It's difficult to explain. Think Gaudi in titanium. Sort of Baroque."
· BREAKING CURBED EXCLUSIVE: Gehry/Ratner Renderings [Curbed]

UPDATE: From Downtown Express' "Under Cover" column, we get something to look forward to this weekend besides Tuesday: "The [Beekman St. school] project also includes a 75-story, Frank Gehry-designed apartment building. A spokesperson for developer Bruce Ratner said Gehry’s new drawings will be released next week." [DX]