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Random Construction Roundup: Higher Standards

1) Midtown West: Our pals at The Stencil email, "Taken this morning on the way to work, new, super non-discreet signage (above) on the 42nd Street side of the Bank of America headquarters." [Previous coverage]

2) Lower East Side: Per another reader: "the new museum started pouring its foundation today (thursday). apparently 8 straight hours of pouring in that little lot with one little point of access for the trucks.v oh, and there were no priests of any denomination there this time." [Previous coverage]

3) Chelsea: High above the High Line, The Real Estate reports from the under-construction 15th floor of new development Chelsea Arts Tower: "Although Calvin Klein--who recently dropped $4 million on an 18th floor unit--didn't show up, there were plenty of real estate industry types and art aficionados (like Anthony Haden-Guest) on hand." [The Real Estate]