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The Atelier (Not the Mohawk One) is Everywhere

It all started innocently enough. An email came in that promised a good gag: "please ask your readers what's up with this incredibly amateurish broker ad. It's been blanketing the NYTimes midtown west section for months now but asserts that this special offering won't be offered to the general public for another month." Sounded weird, and with a headline like "Live in Heaven!" we knew it had to be good. But imagine our surprise when we clicked over, and after making it through the pictures of a fake apartment we were sledgehamered over the head with a gigantic model of our old friend The Atelier!

So what does this mean? We're not really sure, other than that this so-called Mansion Realty Group is promising to get you in on the first offering. Oh, and sadly, we also learned from the other model photo that the much-bandied-about Volleyball Court of Death is actually much closer to the ground than we all had assumed. Damn it!
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