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Signs of Brokers in the Wild

While strolling along 13th Street yesterday in the East Village, we came upon an immaculate business card lying serenely in the middle of the sidewalk. It just jumped out, and that was before we even realized it belonged to a real estate agent at Bond New York. Maybe it was the contrast of the white on the stone, maybe it was the positioning, maybe it was our nosiness?whatever it was, we had to get a look. So everyone say hello to Nelson Cabassa, a rental specialist who's the unwitting participant in a game we're starting right now: spot a business card in the wild and complete the guerilla marketing tactic by highlighting that broker's most interestling listing.

This obvious party pad is a huge three-bedroom Soho triplex, a lofty brownstone unit of 2,600 square feet at a cost of a whopping $16,000/month. Way too many lights for our liking, but check out that game room! Fooz, anyone? Hardwood floors, exposed brick, elevator and all that other good stuff, and it looks like Nelson tossed his picture in at the bottom of the listing just to add a friendly face. Our kind of guy!
· Listing: Massive 3 Bedroom Soho Loft ~ Swank is an understatement [BondNY]