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Shark Bites: Hard Up in Harlem

PropertyShark's regular feature for Curbed, Shark Bites, makes a special Eater appearance today investigating the challenges churches and schools in Harlem and East Harlem might pose to expansion of Harlem's burgeoning restaurant scene (the upshot: all areas in light blue above are within 200 feet of a school or church, and thus technically unable to get a liquor license). Read the whole thing, as they say.

Meantime, we've been getting a few emails of this nature recently: "Property Shark has suddenly stopped providing the Ownership Summary--the juiciest part of a property profile! I find it hard to believe that Curbed hasn’t already covered this topic. It couldn’t be that Curbed has a relationship with said site, could it?" Oh ho—conspiracy theories! Alas, the truth is much less juicy. After the jump, PropertyShark explains.

Matthew Haines from PropertyShark emails along this explanation: "We did make some changes a few weeks back. But given the negative response from users, clearly PShark needs to strike a compromise. On the one hand we've got to keep the site interesting and useful for all users. On the other hand we've got to make money to survive. So we've gone back to making basic ownership data from the tax assessment rolls free. That's the data that Trulia and Zillow and the rest of them give away. But the deeper ownership data, the phone number lookups, and the data that finds the people behind the LLCs, the stuff that only PShark really knows how to do, that will have to be subscriber-only."

· Shark Bites: Hard Up in Harlem [Eater]