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Rats Want Eminent Domain Over 70 Washington?

We've talked some trash on Dumbo's 70 Washington in the past, and it now looks like that trash has been left out to fester and attract vermin. We have no clue if these claims are legit?we don't actually live in the building?but they're too hilarious to keep quiet:

Ok, I've had enough. It's time to drop dime on a progressively worsening rat infestation at 70 Washington. For months I've been hearing my neighbors complain of rats in the basement, rats in the stairwells, rats on their terraces, dead rats decomposing under their floors and yes living rats in their apartments. I've brushed it off....till now. Today was my turn. A rat in my apartment is enough to turn me into a snitch (or, ironically, a rat). Anyway, it is an outrageous situation which has gone on way too long and its time for motherfuckers to pay. After all, it cost me a helluva lot of cheese (sorry) to buy into this building....but I wouldn't now. I wouldn't go near a ground floor, a low floor or any floor apartment in 70 Wash right now. You can hear the rats moving through the walls! Bottom line (and that's the only thing that seems to matter I suppose) there are now rats on every level, from the basement to the rooftop cabanas, and it is particularly bad on the roof. Oh yeah, those cabana parties should be fun this summer. It's only a matter of time before one of these wolverine sized rat bastards clears out someone's rooftop soiree. Until then.....a little nail polish remover will remove that glue trap from your guest's flip-flop. No big deal, right?Will other 70 Washington residents please chime in on the comments? We're really curious about this.
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