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Greenpoint Burning: The Morning After

[Photo of Greenpoint buildings "as we once knew them" by JustiNYC]

More from the still-smoldering Greenpoint waterfront. As a Curbed tipster puts it, "Litigation, landmarking, flipping, and one of the city's worst landlords --oh, my!"

1) Morning after findings point towards arson, with the Daily News reporting, "Fire marshals found accelerant poured in five separate spots in the back of the 21-acre site." Meantime, the Sun's investigative digging reveals more dirt, including this tidbit: "In March, the development site appeared on, listed for sale for $481 million. It was later pulled from the site." [NYDailyNews, NYSun]
2) A tipster emails, "I drove by the Greenpoint Terminal a few weeks ago and I noticed that the windows had been replaced with concrete block, and I was wondering why [owner] Josh Guttman had done that--after publishing his plans to develop the site, it was clear he would tear it down--so why bother making more work for yourself?"
3) For more on the historical significance of the Greenpoint Terminal Market, check out the Municipal Art Society's excellent coverage. [Municipal Art Society]

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