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LPC Goes on Village Landmarking Spree

Moving to preserve two areas of the West Village just a hop, skip and a jump from the recently departed Jane Jacobs' old stomping grounds, the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday expanded the Greenwich Village Historic District to include most of three whole blocks (PDF) bounded by Perry and Christopher streets to the north and south and Washington and Greenwich to the west and east. The LPC also designated a new mini-district (PDF) around Weehawken Street that includes a parallel part of West Street. Blogger Amarula Dreams notes:

Given all the hype about construction along the Hudson River, it's important to note that, except for the new Weehawken Street Historic District ... the landmark designation doesn't cover the waterfront. So there's nothing to prevent the construction of additional high-rise buildings like Richard Meier's Perry Street towers. Of course, since glass buildings aren't cool any more, we have nothing to worry about, right?Oh, if only it were that easy.
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