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Appellate Court Upholds Ratner Demolition, We Think

For those who like their Atlantic Yards news raw?real raw?behold the latest state court ruling in the matter of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn v. the Empire State Development Corp. You'll recall they'd been fighting over preliminary demolition at the Atlantic Yards development site, among other things. Today's result? Advantage Forest City Ratner and co., according to our docket-headed tipster who writes, "appeals court upholds ratner demolition." And based on our own reading, it appears the previous court's ruling that slammed the hiring of David Paget, the environmental lawyer who has now worked for the ESDC and for F.C. Ratner, "was [in] error." Be warned, of course, that our LSAT scores were on the wrong end of the bell curve, and feel free to file your own briefs in the comments below.
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