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Ask Curbed: Are We Going to Die Because of a Building Collapse?

Ah, the soothing rumble of the subway beneath one's feet. Where would we be without it? On that note, we have this email from a reader who wonders if the magic combination of F Train and construction are likely to cause her building to collapse. The reader writes:

My roommate and I have been debating whether or not the F train runs below our apartment. Over the course of two years, we are convinced that our crappy walk up apartment has sustained structural damage due to excessive construction on the blocks surrounding us Avalon Christie, Tower of the Bowery, random facelifts on adjacent buildings, etc). We presently experience rumbling throughout the day--like mini earthquakes...How can I determine where the F runs its course underground between stops? Is there a special map that would indicate under what exact streets each subway runs? Furthermore, how much is it to get somebody over here to determine the structural soundness of the building? We don't want the landlord to boot us for being difficult (we have a pretty good deal, of course), but I would also prefer to know that the ceiling will not be caving in on me while I sleep anytime soon.

Seems you'd want to know if the building's going to collapse, regardless of the rent, but we understand that a deal on rent is a deal on rent and we know a reader will know which map mashup has subway tunnels and that someone can address the, um, structural integrity issue.
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[Avalon Chrystie Place photo from Flickr user Emily Geoff]