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Waterfront News Roundup: Take Me to the River

[Photo of Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park by Flickr user I Love Entropy]

In late spring, a young reporter's fancy turns to thoughts of waterfront assignments, based on the flurry of dispatches recently filed from the city's coastline. Let us know if we missed any, or if you have any of your own crazy ideas. (We assume by now is saved in your waterproof BlackBerry.)

1) Area river lovers say the time is ripe for a beach on the Hudson, down around the Meatpacking District. Area residents want to know: "Haven't they found bodies out here?" [AP/Newsday]

2) And while they're at it, why not throw in another waterside park in Sunset Park, Brooklyn? Say around 43rd to 51st streets. Don't worry: All that arsenic, lead, and oil sludge can be cleared out of there in a jiffy. [NYT]

3) Cooper Union architecture students are trying to one-up the developers jockeying for primacy on redevelopment-ready Governors Island. Sample quote: "Buildings usually keep water out. Mine plays with that." [NYT]

4) As it continues its domination of the West Side, the Hudson River Park Trust has run into a horse and ball problem at Pier 63 near West 23rd St. Sample quote: "It's hard to find a home for horses in Midtown Manhattan." [NYT]

5) Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park closes too darn early (dusk or sooner) for the likes of Dumbo 7-year-old Etienna Giannelli, who has the best quote of the bunch: "Why do they want to close the park when people are having fun and then everything gets sad?" We ask ourselves that question almost every day. [NYDN]