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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Cats and a Meadow

1) Freshly divorced Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler has moved out of her Trump World Tower marriage pad and bought a two-bedroom duplex on Leonard Street. The lofty apartment has a private garden and a price tag of $2.15 million. It's just off West Broadway, so look for her at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar. She'll be there, we swear. [Page 6]
2) All the people buying into the condo-ized Plaza are boring old rich guys?Harry Macklowe, Bob Kraft, etc.?so it's nice to see a certified crazy striking a deal. Jocelyn WIldenstein, cat woman extraordinaire, is plunking down $10 million for a northeast-facing 3,000sf apartment. That'll spice up the mixers. [Gimme Shelter/Braden Keil]
3) Even though she just closed on the place three weeks ago, home-improvement lady Barbara K is already listing her full-floor Chelsea penthouse in Vesta 24 for just over $4 million dollars. We actually have no idea who she is, but New York calls her a "goddess" and the apartment is nice as hell (right), so somebody out there has to be interested in this. [Movers/S. Jhoanna Robledo]
4) "You have not gone apartment hunting until you've gone with Mandy Patinkin." Now there's something we never thought we'd read. Those words come from Mrs. Patinkin, and the couple just finished a housing hunt that saw them visit 53 residences. They're moving out of the recently-destabilized UWS rental they've had for 30 years, and buying this three-bedroom co-op near Columbia. [Big Deal/William Neuman]