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New York City Tomorrow (Subject to Change)

New York magazine drops some of that vintage World's Fair optimism on the masses this week, and you don't even have to take the 7 train out to Flushing to partake (unless you want to). The special Tomorrowland: NYC 2016 feature envisions the city 10 years hence, but you already know some of the cast. Follow the numbers in the mag's graphic above to our old friends below.

1) They couldn't even get the laciest version of Gehry's Ms. Brooklyn?
2) Where are the Shinto priests?
3) Do you believe in fairies? Clap your hands, and maybe someone will pony up the first $29 million for this place.
4) Since when are those West Chelsea sails going to be green?
5) Movie magic below, fantastical airship above!
6) Tomorrow, "Fort Zero." Today? The pinnacle of Spitzer's "Enron-style debacle."

Other highlights include: Fun with Bob and Jane (Building the New N.Y.), 80,000 people (yowza) living in Lower Manhattan by 2030 (Lower Manhattan in 2016), "an effusion of West Coast outdoorspersonship" on Staten Island (Fresh Kills in 2016), and gondolas galore (huzzah) plus local and express East River ferries (Air and Sea). See you in the not-so-distant future!