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It Happened One Holiday Weekend: It's All About Marble

1) A guide to what not to write in a co-op board reference letter. It contains some useful advice for all New Yorkers: "New Yorkers don't collect guns; they collect art." [Mightier Than the Board/Teri Karush Rogers]
2) On this day, irony is alive and well: Biosphere (right) will be sold to developers and most likely torn down. No word on immediate fate of Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. [Sprawl Outruns Lofty Experiment/Fred A. Bernstein]
3) Amenities, amenities, amenities! New Mott Haven rental has marble the shower! The Altair 20 uses rare "rainforest marble" (seen here) usually found in high-end hotels! The Core Development Group is sticking plasma TVs in all the units in two of its Union Square-area developments! Tribeca Space boasts two saunas (not steam rooms!)! It's insanity out there! [Screen Test/Dakota Smith]
4) A young couple has their sights set on the Bamford on East 56th Street, and it comes down to a Harvard-educated negotiation champion to get the deal done. Can he pull it off? [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]
5) Love New York but turned off by some of its New Yorkiness? Then try the planned community of Port Imperial, New Jersey. [Living In/Antoinette Martin]