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It's Getting Hot in... 95 Horatio

[Photo courtesy PropertyShark... but you probably figured that out]

Just steps off the base of the High Line, 95 Horatio is a delightful rental building with an auspicious past. Comes a special Curbed correspondent to shatter the mood:

95 Horatio street (one of the rockrose buildings) just informed all the building tenants (me being one) that they'll have no air conditioning until June 9th. No one has a window unit because it's all central air so basically, a huge building of people paying 3k plus a month (some up to 15k) are completely screwed. I hate the building....hope all is well.Oh, all is well with us. Thanks for asking.
· 95 Horatio Street History [Horatio Street Blog]
· 4 Bdrm, 0 Vu; Rent, $4,300 [NYTimes—a classic from 1997]