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Greenpoint Terminal Market Update: Not With Guttman

Looks like the renderings sent in yesterday by a tipster of the new buildings proposed for the site of the flambéed Greenpoint Terminal Market were not quite what they seemed. From architect Karl Fischer's esteemed executive associate, an e-mail to our inbox sets the record straight:

Karl Fischer Architecture proposed the rendering 4 years ago, prior to the rezoning, to a developer potentially buying the property. Very respectfully, his name is not Josh Guttman. I very kindly ask that you withdraw and/or correct the comments in your article.We stand very corrected. Now that we know that the Greenpoint Terminal Market site is one North Brooklyn project that is not being designed by the ubiquitous Mr. Fischer and that he is emphatically not working for Mr. Guttman, the Terminal Market landlord, the question is, who is and what do the buildings look like?
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