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Storefronting: Really Cool Foods, Longchamp, Uniqlo &c.

Storefronting is Curbed's regular roundup of the evolving NYC retail scene. Got news on an opening, closing, or retail disaster? The tipline awaits your call.

1) Upper East Side: After several weeks of soft opening, today's the official opening day of Rumblings alum Really Cool Foods. Billed as "better than Whole Foods" by friends, Really Cool Foods offers a variation on theme, per PR materials intercepted by Eater: "The store, which features only strictly fresh and organic foods, will have ready -to- go and heat- at- home meals. But the main attraction is the opportunity to put together gourmet meals at home in under 20 minutes by choosing the prepared (chopped, diced, peeled, sautéed) components (sauces, vegetables, meat, etc.) for an infinite variety of recipes." [NYTimes, Eater, Curbed]

2) Soho: Double the Soho Storefronting from excelsior shopping blog The Shophound. Over the long weekend, French leather retailer Longchamp opened a store at 132 Spring Street between Greene and Mercer. Because the floor is on the second floor, it's relying on an undulating staircase (right) to lure shoppers up. Also new in Soho: an expanded store for "Japan's answer to the Gap," Uniqlo. [The Shophound]
3) Harlem: What's a Storefronting without an update from Manhattan's great northcountry? Blogger Harlem Fur reports on rumors that the restaurant Amy Ruth's has sealed a deal to move into new development (and Curbed favorite) The Kalahari: "Apparently, the reason for the move from his current location at 116th between Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevards to the new location one block over is a desire for more space." [Harlem Fur]