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75 Smith Street Rising Across from Brooklyn Big House

Going for an Art Walk on Atlantic Avenue on Saturday and Sunday? You’ll have more than the Brooklyn House of Detention to gaze upon at the intersection of Atlantic and Smith. When last considered, the condo across the street from the jail had been a hole in the ground so long there was rampant speculation the project was in trouble. Well, Leviev Boymelgreen’s long-delayed 75 Smith is now well along (though still way behind schedule.) The 50-unit condo ("Luxe + Pop") is designed by Nick Dine (whose visage is prominently displayed on the advertecture along Atlantic). One- to three-bedrooms (in the 80%+ sold building) range from $480K to $1.3 million. (A 1BR offering a superb view of the House of D went for around $500,000.)

The building will also house The Smith Hotel, a 93-room boutique hotel that will no doubt sell itself as being steps from Brooklyn’s hipster Restaurant Row, if not the Brooklyn Slammer. (We will largely, but not entirely, resist names like The Lockup Suite and The Exercise Yard.)
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