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Hey, That's My 3-Story Gut Renovated Townhouse

See a business card, pick it up, accidentally happen upon a backstory seasoned with foul play. We had no way of knowing that highlighting Bond New York's Nelson Cabassa and his bit of guerilla marketing would draw the ire of the folks down at Tungsten Properties, but draw it did:
Your article ... left out three things: A) He is listing our exclusive without permission. It's ours, not Bond's ... he's not supposed to do that. B) He listed it on Grand to throw people off, it's actually on Broome and Centre, right across from the police building (with a nice view). C) He also is listing it for $1,000 too much. It's $15,000 per month.Looks like the listing's down from the Bond site, and Tungsten's stamped their name (above) on the album of photos for the live/work space on offer, just so there's no more confusion. As for us, we feel a little more of our innocence draining away upon this latest revelation.
· Listing: 3-Story Gut Renovated Townhouse, Centre St. in Nolita [Tungsten]
· Signs of Brokers in the Wild [Curbed] UPDATE: The plot thickens, thanks to a reader who recognized this property: "The place used to be an underground poker house called Aquarium. It was busted a few times, and has not been in business for a few months. Each floor was used for poker games, with the higher floors reserved for big games. An enormous Russian a la Rounders guarded the door. The owner, who regularly served as a dealer, liked to drop hints that Leo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire frequented the spot when they were in town. The place was shut down with about every other card house in the city when Bloomberg saw the big spread on card houses in the Post a few months ago."