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Curbed Advertecture Corps: Advertecture Overload!

It's been a week since we announced the Curbed Advertecture Corps photo competition to find the city’s most egregiously oversized, out-of-place ad. The entries are rolling in and are posted for your advertecture pleasure at the Municipal Art Society, the contest co-sponsors. Above, a taste of the fun thus far, which renders like this:

Top left: Illegal ads cover the construction shed at 2100 Broadway, which is a city landmark. (Photo/Hunter Armstrong)
Top right: At 58th Street, 1790 Broadway is under construction and under advertising. (Photo/Susan Rosenfeld)
Middle left: A massive ad covered the side of 7 Second Ave.; then Mr. Loggins told its proprietors he was entering a picture of it into this contest. (Photo/Donald Loggins)
Middle right: A New York City landmark, the Plaza Hotel, located at 768 Fifth Ave., has an oversized advertisement on its construction scaffolding. (Photo/Megan Root)
Bottom left: Houston Street is lined with signs, but many are, unfortunately, legal because of grandfathering. (Image used by permission)
Bottom right: An oversized, illegal yellow Union Jack hides 11 E. 57th St. (Photo/Vanessa Gruen)

Keep the entries coming—there's a $100 gift certificate for the submitter of the most egregious advertecture of 'em all.
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