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BREAKING: CHARAS/El Bohio Scaffolding Sighted

It's been almost six months since we've heard anything from East 9th Street/Avenue B's massive, vacant CHARAS/El Bohio structure (right). When last spotted, developer Gregg Singer's plan for a Mini-MegaDorm had been shot down and the property was on the market for $70 million. Now comes word from a Curbed tipster:

Scaffolding is being assembled this morning (May 4, Thursday) outside the old PS 64 on 9th Street off Avenue B, the former home of CHARAS/El Bohio. This is the building that developer Gregg Singer wanted to demolish and replace with a 19 story 'dormitory' building. In August 2005 Singer failed to get permission to proceed with this project from the Board of Standards and Appeals, it looked like it was dead. Any idea what might have changed?Alas, no. Those with intel, hit up the tipline or the comments.
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UPDATE: Says a commenter, "The owner has a work permit to strip the building of any architectural detail (e.g., terra cotta pediments, keystones, and cornices) apparently in hopes to preclude Landmarks from designating the building at a hearing calendared for May 16th." Yowza.