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Storefronting: East Village Fast Food Changes

1) On the rumored fate of Third Avenue's Roll-n-Roaster, the news is not good: "The E. Village Roll-n-Roaster is indeed kaput. The sign came down sometime in the past few days, and a note in the window is redirecting hungry carnivores to Sheepshead Bay." Intoxicated Webster Hall patrons now limited to Due Amici and 99 Miles to Philly for drunken late-night eats.
2) Vanessa's Dumpling, the new entrant in the East Village dumpling war, is now open for business on 14th Street between Second and Third Avenues. While it's somewhat of a hike to get to Dumpling Man from there, Vanessa's is smack dab in Plump Dumpling's wheelhouse. Which will reign supreme? Developing!
3) Almost next door to Vanessa's Dumpling on 14th Street, the second Chickpea outpost has finally arrived. No thousand-dollar contests announced as of yet, but toss in another good neighborhood shawarma/falafel option with Murray's and Big Arc.

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