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Brooklyn Building Will Soon Start Giving Puppy Eyes

Think the condo market is still running out of control? Think again! In the ol' Home section of the Post today, Dakota Smith has a bit about an affordable new 12-unit building at 49 Tapscott St. in Brooklyn. Since opening for sales in February through Furman Calhoun at Halstead, zero units in the development have been sold. Okay okay, it is in Brownsville, where people have been spooked to live ever since Mike Tyson grew up training pigeons on neighborhood rooftops or whatever the heck he was doing up there. Still, prices begin at a dirt cheap $148,000 and go up to $299,000 for a two-bedroom. The condos are small, but they do feature washer/dryer units, although you can see in the picture that they're crammed into awkward kitchens. Tough sell.
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