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Brokers Shunned (Again) in Brooklyn

Wow, what is it with Brooklyn's Columbia Street Waterfront neighborhood and its residents hating on brokers? We've already told the tales of two for-sale-by-owners at 29 Tiffany Place, and now, just one block over on Columbia Street, another fizzbow has hit the Internet., we're dumb. Sloppy blogging (doesn't that sound kind of gross?) led us to our assumption that this for-sale-by-owner listing is on Columbia Street and not Columbia Heights. Our bad. Anyhoo, this time around on the fizzbow train, the object of affection is a lofty 575-square-foot studio going for $365,000, with suh-weet features like 14' ceilings, a working fireplace and an all-marble bathroom for when you want to play a little game of "Caligula Takes a Bath." As far as the website goes, we appreciate its DIY charm, although the Go Daddy ads are a little annoying. Certainly beats this. Fizzbow fever: catch it!
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