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Red Hook Fairway Update: May 17 Feeling Right

The 17th! Mark your calendars with a big red hook (arrr!), smack dab in the geographical center of this month's calendar page. Not since Julius Caesar had a run-in with a bunch of his jealous friends has a date around the middle of the month had such significance. First, there was TJ's glorious 14th St. bow on March 17. Now Fairway is eyeing May 17 for its big debut at 480-500 Van Brunt Street. Sure, we've seen that date thrown around somewhere before, but its persistence in forwarded inquiries to the info hotline e-mail address down at Fairway HQ now makes us all the more certain (mostly) that this is the real deal. Our prediction? Within days, QM2 voyagers will be writing strongly worded letters to Cunard requesting a chicer olive bar on their next cruise out of Red Hook.
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RELATED: Meanwhile, speculation swirls over at Brownstoner about the 45 residential units planned for the space above the market. Sez one of the site's readers: "The units look nearer to completion than several other condo developments around the area that have had plans and prices available for a while!"