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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Curbed Roundtable: May State o' the Market Report (59 comments)
"Why is everyone on Curbed so ferociously pro-renting? The rental market is a real pain in the tuchus right now."
2) Atlantic Yards Flier Glosses Over Arena, Towers (50 comments)
"You people need to get lives. You expect the city to remain the same so that your existence isn't disturbed in any way. Move to the woods if you want such a utopia."
3) On the Rental Market: $5k 2BR in Alphabet City (44 comments)
"The east village/LES area is murray hill in training. Watch how cool th earea will be in 5 years once all the people that can afford (and want to pay) these prices have driven out all the folks that originally made the areas desirable."
4) Curbed PriceChopper™: Dumbo Fizzbow Shaves $50k (37 comments)
"It amazes me how people are so jealous of Dumbo and make cantankerous remarks about the area. Let me ask you my poor child...What has Dumbo ever done to you?"