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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Zen Times

A day late and at least 25 cents short, here are the reader responses to Tuesday's reader Rumblings queries. Got your own nagging wonderment about new construction in your neighborhood? Drop a line to and we'll see what we can do.

1) Upper East Side: Relatively paltry response to this week's Rumblings, which we'll chock up to the Greenpoint fire. (Seriously, everything comes back to the Greenpoint fire. It is the ur-real estate moment of our lifetime. We'll be telling our kids about this week round about 2092. We digress.) Anyway, no one offered intel on the vacant lot on East 61st or the old woman who feeds the birds there. Pity, that.

2) Tribeca TWOFER: a), A commenter submits a link to a Tribeca Trib story from January 2004 that shows this rendering for what's to come at 408 Greenwich (right). Whether this design ultimately got approved or modified, we dare not speculate. b) No takers on 55 Warren.
3) East Village: Turned out we'd Rumbled here before. Regarding the lot on the corner of Bowery and East 4th, a commenter points us to the truly excellent Noho News page, which offers this: "150' height (not including mechanicals) on a 12,000 sq. ft Footprint; 10,050 sq. ft. ground floor retail; 80:20 market rate to affordable housing." Unclear if this was the design approved. So many answers... and yet so many questions.
4) West 30s: Ah, that tree. Friends, it just is.

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