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Project Update-o-Rama: West Village Shall Undulate!

Today, The Villager drops a slammin' dose of updates on big development projects Curbed enjoys obsessing over. Let's parse the fun.

1) West Village undulation? Oh my, yes! Landmarks Commission approves developer's plans after a few tweaks (120-foot windowless wall will include a metal skin; newly rounded corners; removal of giant hand at right). Actual quote we didn't make up from Landmarks committee member: "This adds to the diversity of the historic district." [Undulating glass and all, Greenwich Ave. building is given green light]
2) Report from a protest concerning Avenue B's CHARAS/El Bohio building, which saw scaffolding rise yesterday. Actual quote we didn't make up: "This is about the children." [Landmarks Sets Hearing Date for Old P.S. 64]
3) Remember the Chelsea Seminary's plan for that 17-story 'Tower of Babel' on Ninth Avenue? Glad tidings for residents angered by the scope of the plan: the seminary is now considering alternatives. Actual quote we didn't make up: "We've heard loud and clear that the community doesn't like the project we proposed last autumn." [Tower May No Longer Be Seminary's Salvation]