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Hamptons Ladder: Summer Rental Dealtime

In light of today's NYT story juicing the notion of a hot Hamptons summer rental market—would you believe that it's not too late to rent?—we're spending Friday in the South Fork of our minds imagining that Citarella-catered Fourth of July barbecue. More reading on the slow residential sales market in the Hamptons from the East Hampton Star last month; meantime, your rental is waiting...

1) What/Where: Georgica Pond, East Hampton (above)
Rental Price: $600,000/full summer; $300,000/August-Labor Day
The Skinny: Got an extra $600,000 sitting around, itching to be expended? Hello, why do you think I started this hedge fund? In East Hampton's stately Georgica Pond enclave, you've even got your own indoor lap pool for those all-too-common 56-degree mid-June days. And 25,000 other square feet—you know, just because.
· Listing: Georgica Pond [Brown Harris Stevens via HREO]

2) What/Where: Further Lane, East Hampton
Rental Price: $300,000/full summer; $150,000/August-Labor Day
The Skinny: A step down the price ladder from the Georgica Pond listing above, but an address just as tony. Fourteen acres, plus a path through the dunes to the beach. Eminently respectable. Mind if we drop by for the fireworks?
· Listing: Further Lane Estate [Allan Schneider]

3) What/Where: Water Mill 5BR
Rental Price: $80,000/full summer
The Skinny: Okay, it's early May, and you and your coupled-up friends finally have your shit together. Do the math on this Water Mill South of the Highway joint—$80,000 for the summer... five bedrooms... two people per bedroom, per weekend... 16 weekends per summer... oh, you do the math. This is why we stopped organizing Hamptons shares three summers ago.
· Listing: Oceanview, Water Mill [Brown Harris Stevens]

· It's Not Too Late for East End Rentals [NYTimes]
· Home Sales Taking a Breather, or Just Out of Breath? [East Hampton Star]