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255 Hudson Party Report: Easy Access to Wilmer, Jersey

Just in to the alcohol-soaked corner of our inbox, a report from last night's Lizzie Grubman-promoted, Classic Car Club Manhattan-juiced party for 255 Hudson:

Anyway, the cars were pretty cool. My favorite one was a Jaguar convertible parked outside. On second thought, I don't even think it belonged to the club, but it was sweet regardless. They were broadcasting images of 255 Hudson on a big screen. My favorite one (at right, perhaps) depicted a fashionable woman walking out of the lobby and into a shiny Land Rover waiting for her at the curb. Are Land Rovers even included? I didn't think they were classic cars. Still, not a bad deal to have access to all these rides. Oh yeah, and the building looks pretty nice too. Right next to the on-ramp for the Holland Tunnel though, which is questionable. My friend tried to be suave and crossed over to that street to get a cab. She was almost whisked away to New Jersey.

Last but not least, a mini-rundown of "c-list celeb sightings."[Host] Wilmer Valderrama, looking pasty and bloated ... The girl who played the daughter in Remember the Titans (left ... we think), all growns up and surrounded by teeny boppers ... Some guy who apparently was in Felicity (had weird glasses and a hat, I'm sure Felicity fans know who he is) ... and Constantine from American Idol. Good times!And just because we care, please find a sample listing from the building below: three-bedroom duplex for $3.7 million.
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· Listing: 255 Hudson Street [Corcoran] UPDATE: More party fluff at The Real Estate.