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Is Your Time in Avalon Up?

Friends, has it really been almost a year? My oh my, how the time flies. We've been at this far too long, because we just became aware that Avalon Chrystie Place has been in business for almost 12 months, and it's time for that holiest of holy times: lease renewal! Will they stay or will they go? One resident chimes in:

Tenants at your favorite behemoth, Avalon Chrystie Place, have started to receive renewal notices. My rent is set to increase 8% from year to year. I've counter-offered with a 5% increase, in the hopes of coming out around 6.5-7%, but prior dealings with Avalon have been less than inspiring on that front.Surely their failure to deliver on a timely Whole Foods should be enough to knock off a percentage point or two, right? We're fascinated by what's to come, so if you are an Avalon Chrystie resident facing renewal, do let us know what you decide to do and why.
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[Avalon Chrystie Place (as seen from Avalon Chrystie Phase II) photo from Flickr user Emily Geoff]