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Curbed PriceChopper Map Du Jour: The Google Earth-Natefind Mashup

Sure, sure, your listings search engine has funky delicious Google Maps all over the place. We love it. But leave it to our old pal to make the experience truly psychedelic by adding Google Earth—the company's dizzying fly-by satellite photo tool—to the mix. Now, along with search results you get the option to plot all your finds (PriceChopped or not) in glorious 3-D on a Google Earth map. There are simple directions for using the new service, but be aware that you have to download Google Earth before it'll work.

Type in "Dumbo" and "reduced," for instance, and you currently get six plot points on Jay, Main, Front and Bridge streets that you can plot on Google Earth or on an Old School Google Map. Fun!
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