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On the Market: 'Baronial Grandeur' (w/Bonus Grandeur)

In Midtown East—in what is touted as "arguably the city’s, if not the world’s finest apartment building" (guesses?)—we have this duplex 8BR, beckoning you with its grand $39 million asking tag. What about it does not beckon? Let's leave that to the tipster who asks this age-old question: "Why do the very rich have such awful taste?" (After the jump, delicious floorplan porn.)

UPDATE: The Post's Braden Keil actually did this one up recently: Turns out it's a massive PriceChopper ($11 million off), located in the swank River House, 435 E. 52nd St., but the "the board insists that the name 'River House' or the aforementioned address never be mentioned in any sales listing." Oops. Forget we mentioned it.

· Listing: Baronial Grandeur [Sotheby's]