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Curbed National: Sex Ed Ed.

1) Los Angeles: Up and down week for the SoCal sex trade. First comes the news that they're shuttering The Erotic Museum on Hollywood Boulevard. "It's a troubled time in LA County for the museum business in general." says curator Eric Singley. Fortunately, the porn business is thriving, as Encino residents learned on Easter Sunday, when they woke up to a scantily clad film crew scurrying in and out of the house down the block. [Curbed LA]
2) San Francisco: New street art on Valencia stops just short of "i love you." For the record, we're not really feeling the "I've waited my whole life for you" meme. [Curbed SF]
3) USA: Robert Shiller of Irrational Exuberance fame checks in with Jonathan Miller about the possibility of people buying real estate options in a housing futures market: "There are also doubts about who would go long the contracts. But, I think that we are actually in a reasonably good time to find people willing to go long." Sexy. Shiller's suggestion that Miller read his book to bone up on the rest of the issues? Unsexy. [Matrix]